Why I Don't Have Medical coverage

Why I Don’t Have Medical coverage

Having health insurance seemed like a good idea when you were married, especially since my three children were born and the costs were covered. However, things went wrong when he needed a minor operation to fix an umbilical hernia at the age of three. The result is that the belly button now points out, so it wasn’t a big deal. When introduced to the guarantor for installment, in any case, they utilized each reason in succession not to take care of the bills.

I was turned off by this, and I have not had insurance since that day. However, it turns out that I do not require it. We have Medicare in Australia, which covers everyone who needs to see a doctor or go to the hospital. Everyone was completely covered when it first came out, but over time, this has been reduced to partial coverage.

But this time, my situation is different. It commanded me to do certain things following my reincarnation and with a strong connection to the real God, the Spirit of the Universe. As evidence of this, I requested treatment for my sinus condition, which I had since I was three years old. It vanished right away. The Spirit also assured me that everything would be provided when it advised me to quit my job at 45 and work only for it.

To the surprise of those who know me best, this is exactly what has happened over the next few years. My eldest son, who is attempting to convince me to enroll in health insurance due to my age, is one of these. He doesn’t know how the Spirit works in my life, and he doesn’t understand why I don’t have insurance on anything.

Everything is devoted to the Spirit, my insurance. My attitude is that I can’t stop it if it wants to take something from me. On the other hand, why would I not trust it if it is keeping me fit and healthy? Numerous my age are enduring circumstances that are not piece of my circumstance.

Even though many people have insurance and feel safe, they usually suffer the most. The insurance companies are built on trust and fear. God, whom I enjoy serving, is the only person in my life I can trust. Since it has eliminated all threats and evil from my environment, why would I want it back?

Norma Holt has conducted research to determine why money is evil’s source. The majority of it is based on 666’s work. To dominate the establishment he established, he enacted the potent weapons of heaven and hell.

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